Employee Wedding Gift Ideas

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Celebrate Your Team’s Special Moments

Finding the perfect wedding gift for an employee can be a challenge. The good news? We’ve got you covered with a range of thoughtful, high-quality staff gifts that are sure to delight. Whether you’re a manager, team leader, or business owner, our curated collection of employee wedding gifts makes it easy to show your appreciation and celebrate this joyous occasion.

Are Wedding Presents Expected from Employers?

The expectation of a wedding gift can vary depending on your relationship with the employee. While not all employees anticipate a company wedding gift, giving one can be a wonderful way to express your gratitude and support, particularly for long-standing team members. It’s a gesture that underscores your appreciation and fosters a positive workplace culture.

Should I Give a Gift or Money to an Employee Getting Married?

The choice between a physical gift and money often hinges on the closeness of your relationship with the employee. If you share a strong bond, consider personal gifts like high-quality alcohol, gourmet food hampers, or unique household items. For more formal relationships, a gift card or thoughtful monetary gift, such as a honeymoon contribution, can be both considerate and practical.

Employee Wedding Gifts - Bride and Groom Celebrating.

What to Get an Employee Who is Getting Married?

Struggling to decide on the perfect wedding gift for an employee? Don’t worry—WellBox has an array of hampers and gifts that are ideal for this special occasion. Here are some popular options:

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Wedding Gift Ideas for Employees

Personalised Gifts 

Personalised gifts are a great way to create lasting memories. Think beyond company branding and focus on items that celebrate the couple, such as custom artwork, engraved wine glasses, or bespoke photo frames. 


While kitchen appliances are a classic choice, consider more unique homeware gifts like custom illustrations of their wedding venue, named plants, or elegant home accessories that reflect their new life together.le.

Food and Drink Gifts 

Almost everyone appreciates a delicious treat. Our bespoke food and drink hampers, like the Signature Gift Hamper, offer an assortment of premium snacks and beverages perfect for newlyweds. Alternatively, the Prosecco Gift, featuring a bottle of prosecco and gourmet snacks, is an excellent post-wedding indulgence.

Signature Employee Wedding Gift Hamper

Charitable Donation In Their Name 

If you know your employee and their partner hold a charity close to their heart, a very meaningful gift is to donate to that charity in their name. This can also be a good route to take if you happen to forget to get a gift until the very last minute!

Registry Gifts

A safe bet is to get a gift for your employee that is listed on their wedding registry. This way, you can avoid the risk of gifting something inappropriate and offer your staff something they actually want or need.

Wellbeing Gifts and Vouchers

Weddings can be stressful, so consider gifting a voucher for a spa day or pampering session or a wellness gift hamper. It’s a thoughtful way to help the couple unwind and enjoy some relaxation after their big day.

Zen Wellness Gift Box

How Much Should You Spend on an Employee Wedding Gift?

Determining the right amount to spend on an employee’s wedding gift can be tricky. A good guideline is to spend between £20 and £75, depending on your budget and the closeness of your relationship. Remember, the thoughtfulness of the gift often matters more than its cost.

What Classes as an Appropriate Wedding Gift for an Employee?

When choosing an employee wedding gift, consider their personal tastes and interests. A safe and always appreciated option is a gourmet food or drink hamper. Enlist the help of colleagues to discover the couple’s favourite treats, ensuring your gift is both personal and heartfelt.

Is a Wedding Gift to an Employee Taxable?

From a company perspective, gifts to employees are generally taxable. However, if you are giving a gift personally, it is not taxable as long as it falls under personal relationships. Small, trivial items like tea, coffee, or modest holiday gifts typically do not incur taxes.