Employee Wedding Gift Ideas

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It can be daunting trying to think of what kind of wedding gift to get your employee, but at WellBox, we can take this stress away. 

With a range of different types of gifts available, we know you’ll find the perfect gift to celebrate your employees upcoming wedding.

Are wedding presents expected from employers?

Depending on the relationship between yourself and your employee, they may or may not be expecting a wedding gift. Some employees may actually expect to receive a company wedding gift.

Either way, gifting employee wedding presents is a great way to show that you care, especially if they’ve been with your company for a long period of time. 

Should I give a gift or money to an employee getting married?

That again depends on how close you are with your employee. If you have a close relationship, popular wedding gifts can include bottles of alcohol, food or drink gifts, personalised gifts or even household items too, as many engaged couples may be starting a new home together. 

If your relationship isn’t that close with your employee, you could give money as a gift but give it in a considerate way, such as a honeymoon contribution. 

What to get an employee who is getting married

If you’re not quite sure what to get your employee who is getting married, don’t worry. At WellBox, we have a variety of different hampers available which all make for the perfect wedding gift.

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WellBox Gift Brochure
WellBox Gift Brochure

Wedding Gift Ideas for Employees

Some of the most popular gift ideas for your employees wedding can include: 

Personalised gifts 

These types of gifts can really bring a smile to the recipient’s face, especially if it is something the couple can have as a keepsake. 

It’s best to steer clear away from company branding, and focus more on the friendship you have with the married couple. 


A popular gift for many newly weds is homeware, but try to steer away from the traditional kitchen appliances. 

Instead, look for personalised items such as drawings of the wedding venue, glasses or bottles of wine, or even plants or flowers, named after the new couple.

Food and drink gifts 

Food and drink gifts are appreciated by pretty much everyone. Bespoke food and drinks hampers, fancy alcoholic sets and snack boxes are all great options that can be personalised or left as they are.

Our Celebrate box is the perfect gift when you need to give a grand gesture, and what better time to give it than a wedding. This sharing hamper is perfectly for any newly wed couple, containing bottles of alcohol and a variety of the finest snacks.

You could also send our Prosecco Box, which contains a full size bottle of Dolci Colline prosecco as well as three different treats to snack on. The Prosecco Box, if the perfect post celebration gift that your employee and their partner can enjoy whenever they wish!

Charitable donations in their name 

If you know your employee and their partner hold a charity close to their heart, a very meaningful gift is to donate to that charity in their name. This can also be a good route to take if you happen to forget to get a gift until the very last minute!

Registry gift

A safe bet is to get a gift for your employee that is listed on their wedding registry. This way, you can avoid the risk of gifting something inappropriate and offer your staff something they actually want or need.

Wellbeing gifts and vouchers

Weddings can be extremely stressful – why not gift a voucher, treating your employee to a spa day or a pamper session?

At the end of a busy weekend of parties and celebrations, a relaxing gift is the perfect thing to give your employee and their partner the time to unwind and take in their newly married status. 

How much should you spend on an employee wedding gift?

How much you spend on your employees is completely up to you! However, if you’re really unsure, a good rule of thumb is to stick around £20 – £75. 

In general, many employees may be happy simply to receive a small gift from you and they won’t actually be bothered about the cost of the gift. 

What classes as an appropriate wedding gift for an employee?

Knowing what to give your employee can be difficult. However, when you are buying a gift, you should consider his or her likes, and think about buying something they’ve previously mentioned that they like.

Buying some sort of food or drink gift is always the safe option, and you could ask your colleagues for assistance to find out what your employee’s favourite treats are. You may not think it, but gifting a hamper of their favourite goodies is a great way to send a personal and heartfelt message of congratulations.

Is a wedding gift to an employee taxable?

Any gift that you give to your employees is taxable from a company perspective. However, it will not be taxable if you are an individual and you make the gift in the course of family, domestic or personal relationships. 

Gifts may be taxable though if the matter is trivial, such as items made available to all employees like tea and coffee, or small Christmas gifts such as bottles of wine.