Men’s Health Week 2024: Focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Men’s Health Week 2024 runs from 10-16th June, and this year’s theme is ‘Men’s Health and Wellbeing in a Changing World.’ The focus is on the evolving challenges men face regarding their mental health and overall wellbeing. It’s a crucial reminder of the importance of prioritising employee mental health and stress management and fostering a supportive work environment.

The Men’s Health Forum organises this annual event to raise awareness of preventable health problems that affect men. With the rapid changes in our world, including technological advancements, it is essential to consider how these changes impact men’s mental health and wellbeing.

With employee mental health being a growing concern in the workplace, Men’s Health Week is an important event for employers to recognise and support.

What is Men’s Health Week?

Men’s Health Week is an annual event organised by the Men’s Health Forum, a charity that focuses on improving men’s health. This year’s theme, ‘Men’s Health and Wellbeing in a Changing World,’ highlights the need to address the mental health challenges men face in an ever-evolving environment. Statistics show that 1-in-8 men have a common mental health problem such as anxiety, stress, or depression.

As the Men’s Health Forum says, “The bravest thing you can do is tackle the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. You are not alone.” Suicide remains the biggest killer of men under 45, with 3 out of 4 suicides in the UK being men. Yet, 40% of men won’t discuss their mental health with friends or family.

Businesses need to recognise the importance of employee wellbeing, and Men’s Health Week is an excellent opportunity to get involved. There are many ways to support men’s health, such as fundraising, taking up a challenge, educating your team, finding new ways to support and look after your team’s wellbeing, and volunteering. It’s time to break the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and encourage open conversations. Let’s support each other and make a difference.

The Impact of Technology and Social Media on Mental Health

Technology and social media have transformed how we live our lives, but this increased reliance on digital devices has significantly impacted our mental health. Social media usage is strongly linked to increased anxiety and depression, and the constant stream of notifications and updates can be overwhelming. Excessive use of digital devices can also lead to sleep deprivation, negatively impacting mood and productivity.

We must be aware of the signs of stress within ourselves and our colleagues, including changes in behaviour, mood swings, and physical symptoms like headaches and muscle tension. By being mindful of these signs and having open conversations about mental health, we can start to break down the stigma and make real progress toward better wellbeing.

If you’re struggling with your mental health or you’re concerned about a colleague or loved one, there are plenty of resources available to support you. The Men’s Health Forum is a great place to start, with a range of information and advice on managing mental health issues. There are also many charities and organisations offering free support services, such as WellBox charity partners Mind. Each mental health and wellbeing gift from WellBox includes a charitable donation made on your behalf to Mind, including their Energise Gift.

The Importance of Employee Wellbeing

One of the most critical factors contributing to any business’s success is its employees’ health and wellbeing. Employees who feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled are more productive and engaged at work, ultimately benefiting both the individual and the organisation. This is especially relevant as many employees work from home and spend more time online.

Investing in employee wellbeing can positively impact many areas of a business, including employee retention, job satisfaction, and overall productivity. By supporting employees’ physical and mental health, companies can create a culture of wellbeing that leads to increased motivation and better performance.

Employee wellbeing also has a ripple effect outside of work. When employees are happy and fulfilled in their work life, they will likely have better relationships with their families and friends and engage more actively in their communities.

Employers are responsible for supporting their employees’ wellbeing for ethical and legal reasons. This is especially relevant in light of Men’s Health Week 2024’s theme of ‘men’s health and wellbeing in a changing world,’ highlighting the impact of technological and social changes on mental health.

Office team
Office Team

How Businesses Can Help Their Employees this Men’s Health Week

One of the key areas where we can offer support is employee wellbeing. Many workplaces now have programs and initiatives to support employee mental health, but there’s always more that can be done. Encouraging regular breaks from digital devices, implementing flexible working hours, and offering confidential support services are just a few examples of how businesses can help employees manage their mental health.

By encouraging employees to prioritise their mental health, companies can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and improve job satisfaction. Employers must acknowledge the importance of Men’s Health Week and prioritise their employees’ mental health. Simple measures, such as allowing employees time off work to attend medical appointments or creating a workplace culture where it is normal to talk about mental health, can make a significant difference.

Employers can also consider offering counselling services or support groups for their employees. In short, Men’s Health Week provides an opportunity for businesses to focus on their employees’ wellbeing and promote mental health awareness, leading to a happier and healthier workplace.

If you’re a business owner or manager, consider what you can do to support your employees’ wellbeing during Men’s Health Week and beyond. This might include offering employee recognition programs, providing resources for mental health support, or encouraging physical activity during the workday.

By prioritising employee wellbeing, you’ll be supporting your employees and helping to create a more successful and sustainable business.

Man stretching at desk
Man stretching at desk

Prioritising Wellbeing for a Healthier Future

By promoting healthy habits, creating a positive work environment, and encouraging open communication, employers can help their employees lead healthier and happier lives. Let’s use Men’s Health Week as a reminder to prioritise our wellbeing and make positive changes towards a healthier lifestyle during this week and throughout the year.

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