Top Branded Items to Add to Your Corporate Gifts

2 min read

Branded corporate gifts are a great tool in showing your employees or clients that they are valued by your company. Whether it’s a personalised notebook or a Bluetooth speaker, you’re showing the recipient that you’ll go the extra mile to show your appreciation.

The branded gift market is huge so your options for items that can have your branding added are increasing daily. The amount of choice can feel a bit overwhelming so we’re here to give you just a few ideas to start with.

branded stationery


Even as technology advances, at some point in all of our working lives, we need a simple pen and paper. Getting your brand on your clients’ desks gives them a daily reminder about your company. As well as your logo, you could include your company ethos, and use this as a regular reminder to your employees of what your company stands for.

A lot of companies choose to send these types of items out though so be careful in your choice. Cheap plastic pens or flimsy notebooks don’t reflect well on your business.

Looking at my desk right now, I have at least 5 different pens from different companies and enough sticky notes to keep me taking messages until 2025. Which ones stand out? The pens that write well & have a quality feel and the notes that include page markers. Put simply, the ones that make me feel that some effort has been put into their selection and haven’t been sent out as an afterthought with no budget.


Drinkware items are very popular to add branding to. It could be a mug for that important caffeine hit in the morning or a water bottle to keep the recipient hydrated. These are useful products that people will use regularly and therefore your brand becomes part of their routine.

As with stationery, lots of companies send these to their staff or clients so you need to make sure yours stands out. Is the water bottle easy to open and close? Having to fiddle with a tricky cap every time you want to take a sip gets frustrating and will end up with the bottle being disposed of. Whereas, a bottle with an easy flip cap and hour markers so the drinker can see if they’re on track to get their 2 litres a day, is much more useful.

Tech Gadgets

Technology is such a big part of our work and home lives now. Some gadgets can be incredibly helpful and, more importantly, can be things many people wouldn’t think to buy themselves, so they’ll really appreciate your gift.

Things like wireless charging pads or power banks help the recipient out when they suddenly find themselves with 2% battery and an important client call to make. With your logo on the gadget, they start to associate your company with helping them out of a difficult situation.

New to the market, due to the increasing popularity of video calls, are branded webcam covers. These cover the recipient’s computer camera when it’s not in use to help protect their privacy when online. From your point of view, this puts your brand right at the top of their computer screen every day, keeping you in their minds.

Health and Mental Wellbeing

With many companies adopting wellness at work schemes, providing staff with products to encourage self-care can reinforce this message and show you’re serious about their wellbeing. They then feel more valued which leads to increased company loyalty.

You could send a branded eye mask to help them get a good night’s sleep or a branded pedometer to encourage them to get out for a walk in the fresh air. You want the user to associate your brand with a positive experience as they’ll then think more positively about your company.

Fun and Games

Is your brand one that you want your clients or employees to associate with fun? If that’s the case, branded games or toys that reflect your brand’s personality could be the right choice for you. Things such as a branded frisbee to encourage team games or a Rubix cube with your logo and brand colours to challenge their brains.

If your brand is sporty, you could send out branded footballs, bike seat covers or yoga mats. Choose something that would be relevant to the type of clients you’re dealing with or the culture of your workplace.

It’s all about sending a branded gift pack that evokes a particular emotion with the recipient. They will then associate that emotion with your brand and company so make sure you’re sending the right message with the gift you choose.