Ideas for Celebrating Easter at Work

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There are lots of simple ways you can make Easter at work a little bit more special for your team, we’ve given a few ideas to inspire you.

Can You Celebrate Easter at Work?

Although Easter is traditionally a religious holiday, nowadays, it is seen more as an opportunity to spend time with friends and family. As the average British worker spends over 3,500 days of their life at work, colleagues easily become part of your ‘work family’ and therefore it makes sense to want to celebrate this holiday with them.

See it as a chance to improve team bonding by creating activities that your employees can enjoy together.

Set the Scene

With flowers starting to bloom outside, bring some of that colour into your office! Adding some colourful flowers or little Easter chicks (fake ones, no office needs poultry walking around!) around the place can bring a smile to your team’s faces.

Why not run a colouring competition for employees’ kids to colour in an Easter picture? The best colouring-in wins an Easter Egg. Big kids can join in too!

The Easter Gift Box

Easter Egg Hunt with a Twist

You could run an Easter egg hunt in the office for staff to find chocolate eggs hidden around the workplace. If not all your employees work in the office though some people could feel left out.

Think virtually – hide images of eggs, or any other Easter-related items, around your company website or internal portals and challenge your employees to find them. The first to find all the hiding spots wins. This adds a bit of fun to the day as well as a bit of healthy competition!

Chocolate Gifts

You only have to take a few steps into any supermarket from January onwards to know that Easter = Chocolate! Sending your employees home for the Easter weekend with a sweet treat is bound to go down well.

You don’t have to leave anyone out with this idea either as gifts can be sent directly to their homes as well as delivered to the office. You’ll gain kudos from their friends & family too if you send a gift that can be shared. We’ll leave it to you to judge if your employees are the type to share though!

Healthy Competition

After all the indulgence of the Easter weekend with all the chocolate and roast dinners, it’s probably a good idea to get a bit of exercise. As spring begins, encourage your team to get out in the fresh air, it’s great for the body and mind!

This could be a group activity where you all meet up at a local beauty spot and give everyone a chance to catch up while stretching their legs. Alternatively get each of your team members to set themselves a fitness challenge for the month, such as number of miles walked/cycled, and get them to keep everyone updated on how they’re getting on each week. They can all encourage each other to smash their goals, helping with team building!

Extend the Long Weekend

Offering extra days off around the Easter weekend can be a very attractive perk for many employees. That’s especially true now they can use that extra time for a long-overdue holiday in the sun!

We hope, however you decide to celebrate Easter at work, you enjoy yourselves. There are plenty of things you can do but keep in mind your main goal is to improve employee satisfaction so make sure it’s something your team will appreciate.

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