Meet the Brand – Popcorn Shed

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This month we catch up with Laura & Sam from Popcorn Shed. Their tasty popcorn snacks can be found in many of our boxes including Delight and The Employee Appreciation Box.

Made from an ancient grain of corn, these tasty morsels pop into teeny weeny, popsqueak-sized pieces. Half the size of the regular stuff, they still pack a punch!

Here is what Laura had to tell us about the brand and what is in store for the future:

Popcorn Shed

When did you begin your business and where did the idea come from?

Popcorn Shed was founded in 2016 by cousins Sam & Laura.

During a trip to the US, we discovered gourmet popcorn, and on returning to the UK we realised that great-tasting and high-quality popcorn was not easy to source and spotted a gap in the mainstream market. We had always liked the idea of running our own family food business together, and in a moment of madness, we took a leap of faith and launched a luxury gourmet popcorn brand called Popcorn Shed.

As foodies and avid popcorn lovers, we have always appreciated the humble popcorn snack and its power to enhance special moments spent with friends, family, and loved ones. With that in mind, we dedicated ourselves to perfecting popcorn treats associated with joy and happiness by prioritising flavour and quality, hoping that it will bring our fans as many great memories as it has brought to us.

Operating out of our garden shed since 2016, Popcorn Shed is a home-grown, family-owned business – a made in Britain artisanal brand.

How has your business grown since?

From launching with just three gourmet popcorn flavours in September 2016, we have now built out our range to over 20 flavours in various pack sizes. Next to our signature popcorn ‘sheds’, we also sell portion-sized snack packs, reusable gift jars, beautiful gift tins, bulk bags, and a huge variety of gift bundles. Because the vegan snack category is growing more than ever, we launched an additional and very unique vegan mini popcorn range in 2019. This year, we are planning on launching a new and super exciting gifting range. Shh, don’t tell anyone!

Though our main market is the UK, we now sell all over the world, in 25+ countries! Whether it’s directly to consumers or various wholesale channels, our popcorn is widely available in the UK and beyond, and we are working hard on expanding our availability even further.

Tell us a little bit about Mini Pop!

Here at Popcorn Shed we do things a little bit differently. Established in a garden shed in 2016, we’ve never been afraid of a challenge.

Introducing Mini Pop!® The featherweight champion boxer of the popcorn world – taking a POP at its middleweight opponents. Mini Pop!® It’s popcorn, only better!

Made from an ancient grain of corn, these tasty morsels pop into teeny weeny, popsqueak-sized pieces. Half the size of the regular stuff, they still pack a punch!

Smaller means easier to digest and won’t get stuck in your teeth. No need to thank us, just enjoy!

What does the future hold for your business?

We’re aiming for total popcorn domination! We are building a growing portfolio of wild and delicious products in flavours you could never imagine, and we have only just started. Popcorn Shed have huge aspirations to grow and with a team of popcorn-obsessed individuals, we’re doing everything we can to do just that. We would like to become the number one Gourmet Popcorn gifting brand in the UK and Europe! With our gourmet popcorn treats and gifts, we want to put smiles on our customers’ faces all over the world and create many good memories and sweet sharing moments.

Any other interesting facts you think our customers would like to know?

We spent months in Laura’s mother’s home kitchen experimenting with popcorn recipes and managed to break a popcorn machine and a hob in the process. Whoops! As recipe development continued to create the perfect tasting popcorn, so did the mess and we were banished to the garden shed in Laura’s mother’s back garden. The family started referring to the shed as the ‘Popcorn Shed’, and that’s how we stumbled upon a name for the business. The rest is history!

For more on Popcorn Shed, you can find their website here – or enjoy them as part of our range of snack items within our Food Gift boxes.