How to Attract the Best Employees for Your Business?

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Everyone wants to attract the best employees, but doing so is no easy feat.

Today, finding, hiring, and retaining staff is more challenging than ever. There are more job opportunities than suitable candidates to fill them in our current market, forcing employers to hire candidates that don’t always suit. Businesses must figure out new and improved methods to attract employees. If you don’t stand out, you lose the best people to your competitors.

The truth is, your company is not the same as every other business in your field. You can make your differences your advantage and show job seekers why they should apply to work for you.

Every company can entice more of the right people if they have the know-how. Some of these methods are easy enough to implement immediately, while others may take more consistent effort over time. The most attractive employers use multiple channels to encourage sustained interest in their business.

The current competition to attract quality employees involves businesses from across the board. Ideally, we all want to find and hire new staff without wasting unnecessary time or effort. A strong strategy can improve our chances of attracting and hiring employees that are an excellent fit.

How can you attract the employees you want?

In today’s highly competitive job market, employers must invest in a more varied approach to attracting and recruiting employees.

Here are some top tips to help you make the most of your resources. Find your success and capture the interest of your best employee candidates.

Show clear company values

What does your company value? Are there particular social or environmental causes that your company champions? Or, do you focus on providing honest and easy-to-use services? Every company has a unique set of values that could help them appeal to the people they want.

Clearly stating and demonstrating company values can be a great way to ensure you attract the right employees. When you communicate your values clearly, you spread awareness of your brand and connect with like-minded people.

Prospects who share your values are the perfect candidates to work with your company. Employees who hold the same values as their employer are more likely to be happy and feel fulfilled at work. Sharing values improves teamwork and promotes working towards a common business goal.

Show what your company values, and you will draw in people who think similarly. You will attract employees who want to invest their time and effort into the success of your business. Sharing values can aid you in finding and keeping the best employees for the job.

Company culture

You can think of company culture as the softer and more subtle side of your company values.

Company values and culture are often linked. For instance, a company that values innovation and out-of-the-box thinking may implement casual Fridays to help their employees feel more relaxed and individual. Another company that values respect and trust may be more flexible with staff working from home.

Being open about your company’s work culture will help you attract employees that want those aspects to be part of their working life. It also ensures you and potential employees avoid working relationships that could be a poor match.

If your company culture is very community-focused and you host many events, then you want employees who enjoy working and socialising as a team. You can sidestep hiring people who don’t fit in well and are looking for something else by advertising your company culture honestly. Those who dislike their work environment are more likely to leave quickly. Use your company culture to improve the chances of finding those perfect-fit employees, the ones that work well in your team and who will stay for years to come.

When you attract employees that suit your company, you decrease your workload. Put quick employee turnarounds that leave you scrambling to re-find and hire replacement employees behind you.

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Company reputation

Anyone who is looking for employment will look into potential employer reputations. Everyone wants to make sure they apply to trustworthy businesses that will work well for them now and in the future. And in today’s competitive job market, your company’s reputation holds more importance than ever.

Company values and culture matter, but they can only do so much without a tangible and positive company reputation.

Potential new hires want to protect themselves, so what your past and current employees say about your business becomes particularly significant. Employment candidates prefer to walk in with their eyes open. They are looking for an honest opinion of what it is like to work for your company.

The very best tools we have to build our reputation in the eyes of our potential employees are the words of other people, especially our employees. People who feel valued and well-rewarded tend to share positive experiences in-person, online, and via social media.

You can take advantage of the rise of social media to enhance your good reputation. WellBox offers customisable gift boxes that can be sent straight to your employee’s door. You get to choose your pack and price, and you can tailor it as much or as little as you want. We ensure your gift boxes are delivered on time and correctly every time.

Our employee welcome packs are designed for sharing. People love to share their gifts with their loved ones in-person and over social media. Gift-giving is one simple way to let your employees know you appreciate them, and you can show them this before they even start. Show your employees this appreciation, and they will share it.

The best reputation boosts are those that you have not directly manufactured. People are more willing to believe that something is truly great if we hear it from multiple sources, especially praise from people rather than a company itself.

Every gesture you make has a ripple effect, especially in today’s world. Even small perks and rewards make a difference. They build your reputation and encourage connections between your business, clients, and potential employees.

Development opportunities

Another great way to attract employees is to offer development opportunities within your company. Advertise what kinds of development opportunities you provide, and you will be sure to attract more candidates than organisations that don’t promote the growth of their workers.

attract the best employees

Let people know that they can develop if they choose your company. Promote what different opportunities you can offer and how you can help potential employees to succeed. It’s a great way to stand out from your competition in a climate where the labour market is upside down and companies are struggling to fill openings.


Networking is great for getting your name out to the relevant people in your industry, and word of mouth is generally a very effective and well-trusted way to build connections.

There are possibilities to network both virtually and at in-person events. People are generally sceptical, so if you say your company is the best thing since sliced bread, prepare to back that statement up. Networking allows you to build connections and prove your worth. Let other people help with the leg work of attracting employees to your business.

Universities, in particular, are among the best places to find potential new and future employees. Building connections with a local place of higher learning will make sure your business is attractive to the types of employees you want to hire.

Attend events and make connections with students in your area. You will find plenty of bright and enthusiastic young people who want to work with your company and who are excellent candidates for employees either now or in the future.

Show appreciation to your current employees.

Many companies underestimate how far even a small show of appreciation can go, especially in our world of social media and online sharing.

Prospects always want to learn more about what it’s like to work at a company. When looking for jobs, people will seek out more information. They will look you up on social media like LinkedIn and websites like Glassdoor. Treat your current employees well, and this positivity will help you attract the best new employees.

There are many ways to show that you value your employees. Whether you make a point of rewarding loyalty or keep morale up with weekly sweet treats, there’s always something we can do to help employees feel appreciated.

WellBox helps businesses demonstrate that they care about their employees. Our gift boxes help you give your employees something tangible to show your appreciation of their work. And your employees will have something to share that authenticates that your company values its employees.

Simply put, valuing your current employees is a sure-fire way to attract new talent who want to work specifically at your company.

Shorter times between interactions

In our current labour market, long wait times could make the difference between your company hiring the best fit employee and having to settle for a less suitable one or having to leave a position vacant for even longer.

There are plenty of points along the hiring process where someone may have to wait. There are delays when someone sends in a CV or responds to an application, waiting to find out if they have an interview and further waiting to see if they have got the position.

The wait is often the worst part of the process. During these times, someone may lose interest or faith in your company. Alternatively, they may receive another offer while they wait to hear back from you. Every extra minute is a minute where something could get in between you and your potential employee. You could lose them before the interview process even begins.

Not every wait time can be cut indefinitely. That is not possible and not practical, especially when you are looking through several prospects to find just the right one for your open position. You can, however, lessen the risk of losing potential candidates that you have managed to attract. Communicate how long each part of the process will take and when they should expect to hear from your company.

Keep interaction times short and update people, and you will reduce the risk of losing the prospects you have worked to attract.


Whatever you decide to do and however you attract your employees, remember to be consistent. A familiar brand and strategy will ensure your company keeps attracting the best employees for every job.

It may be tough to attract the employees you desire, but it is possible, and it doesn’t have to be complicated if you know what you are doing.

Working out what strategy best fits your business

Not every business is the same, and not every strategy for attracting employees will have the same effectiveness for different companies. You can always try a few different techniques if you are uncertain which ones will most benefit your recruitment process.

Companies using a multi-channel approach are most likely to see continued success, both in the numbers and types of employees, they are attracting.

A well-thought-out strategy that suits your business will help you attract employees that are the best fit for your company. There’s no need to waste your time, energy, and resources interviewing and training employees who don’t want to work with you. When you attract employees that suit your business, you help yourself avoid lengthening or repeating the hiring process.

Attract the right people, and you will save yourself a lot of stress at every subsequent point of the hiring, onboarding, and retention process.

No matter which strategy you choose to employ, it is important that you remain honest and genuine. The more you can show social proof and naturally have other people sincerely praise your company and your actions, the more successful you will be in attracting the best employees.

How long should attracting new employees take?

Unfortunately, there’s no single answer to this, and there’s no end date to the process that you can put in your diary. It takes time to build a process in which you will consistently attract employees and always have the people you need to fill the positions you have within your growing company.

Have patience with the process and keep going. The more you are willing to try and the more continuous your efforts, the less you will have to worry about not having the employees you need to fill open jobs.

Why is it important to look at how you attract employees?

How you approach attracting employees correlates to your success. It has a direct impact on many different areas of your company life.

Firstly, your methods can make vital differences between getting a candidate who is passionate about the role versus wasting your time, money, and resources attracting someone who changes their mind last minute or who doesn’t stay with the company for long.

Secondly, if you can find a strategy that allows you to attract more of the right people, your hiring process will become much less demanding. You won’t have the stress of filtering through irrelevant CVs or need to panic about not having enough candidates to interview.

Lastly, you could even find yourself having to do less to keep attracting and hiring employees. If you hire the right person the first time and implement the strategies suggested above, you will be more likely to retain your hires.

Make the most of your time and resources and remove the pressure by using these recommended strategies to attract the employees you need on the first try.

The world is changing

The job market has evolved in recent years. Things aren’t as they were 10 or even 5 years ago. It makes sense that companies must adapt their strategies and methods to keep attracting top industry talent.

Previously, employers have enjoyed a labour market with an over-abundance of talented employees looking for work and looking to stay in one industry. Over the years, this has steadily changed.

Today, the market is upside down. Now there are more job positions open than suitable people to fill them. It’s more important than ever before that you find ways to stand out from your competition. If you cannot attract employees to your business, then every subsequent part of the hiring and employment process becomes more complicated.

It is essential to adapt your company approaches to ensure that you can keep up and outpace your competition to secure the top employees for your business. Otherwise, you will find that you lose out on the people you want and end up stuck in a vicious loop of being unable to attract, hire, or retain the employees your company needs.

Wellbox is helping businesses adapt to these changes without any unnecessary stress. We send beautiful and customizable gift boxes straight to the door of your selected employees and new hires.

As society has become more accepting and aware of mental health difficulties, there is still room for improvement for many workplaces. We offer thoughtful mental health and wellbeing gifts to help your company show you care.

Starting before day 1

Hiring used to be fun, but not anymore. It feels impossible to fill positions on time and within budget. When you manage it, you want to make sure nothing goes wrong.

A lot can change during the hire period. You don’t have to wait until an employee is already working with your company to show some appreciation and assure them that they have chosen the right employer.

You spend a lot of time and money recruiting a new hire. We help you seal the deal with gifts that encourage commitment and increase new starters’ positive feelings towards your company.

The small gestures we make can mean as much as the large ones. WellBox knows how well-matched and high-quality gifts can touch the heart. That is why we offer a range of welcome packs. Send your new starters branded and personalised gifts, delivered straight to their door, to welcome them to the team.

Companies have had to adapt to developing technology and, more recently, the changes brought about by the pandemic. It’s always been a challenge to make sure new employees feel like a true part of the team. And when your team is located around the country or the world, that challenge has grown significantly. We deliver gifts across the UK and beyond for a guaranteed warm welcome every time.

You can create a genuine connection between your company and new hires every time. Our gifts are meant for sharing. They help you increase your social capital amongst the recipient’s friends and families. Each gift helps spread positive awareness about your company, especially via social media.

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