How to Throw a Virtual Drinks Event for Your Team in 5 Easy Steps

2 min read

After-work drinks have become a tradition for many of us.

It’s a ritual of letting go of the week’s stresses & worries and enjoying each other’s company. It’s a time for hanging out with colleagues and offering a friendly ear to listen to the struggles we’ve all been facing over the last week.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, this ritual hasn’t had to disappear even when we can’t all be together. Virtual events have become very popular!

Enjoying a cocktail party virtually means no restrictions on the number of people who can be involved or having to consider social distancing measures. It’s a great way for businesses to bring their teams together, especially now when remote working has become the norm.

So get ready to toast your latest accomplishments. Here is everything you need to know to throw the best virtual drinks party of 2021.

Step 1 – Pick Your Platform

By this point, we’ve all picked our favourite virtual meeting platform. Whether you’re signed up to Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or Whereby, you’ll just need to make sure all your guests have access.

Some platforms have limits on the number of participants that can be involved at once so make sure the platform you pick allows the number of people you want to invite. Also, check if there are any limits on how long a meeting can run for, you don’t want the party to end just as Jill in Accounts is about to reveal the identity of her new boyfriend!

Step 2 – Choose a Cocktail

There are so many different cocktails that it can be difficult to know which to choose, especially when ordering for a large group of people. We find in this situation it’s best to stick with a classic, such as one of these favourites:

espresso martini cocktail kit

Espresso Martini
The Espresso Martini is one of the best-selling post-work cocktails. This coffee-flavoured drink is designed to help perk you up after a busy day.

french martini cocktail kit

French Martini
With a fruity kick from pineapple juice, it’s the Chambord in this stylish cocktail that makes it ‘French’. The perfect drink to enjoy during a virtual team get-together or presentation.

cosmopolitan cocktail kit

This was originally a martini and very much a man’s drink sipped during the three-martini lunch. Then Sex & the City popularised it as a trendy pink cocktail for ladies out on the town. Now it can be enjoyed by anyone from the comfort of your sofa.

pornstar martini cocktail kit

Pornstar Martini
The addition of prosecco to this passionfruit flavoured cocktail makes it perfect for a celebration. Maybe you’re celebrating a promotion or a retirement, send them off to their next adventure in style.

Once you’ve picked which cocktail suits your particular team event, having to ensure everyone has the right ingredients for it is an extra headache you don’t need. Why not send a gift of all the ingredients & equipment directly to their homes? WellBox can take all the hassle out of ordering & delivering boxes to multiple addresses.

Step 3 – Set the Scene

It can be difficult to include music in a video call as conflicting sounds can cause confusion. As an alternative, choose one guest to be the DJ and create a playlist for everyone to enjoy pre-party to get in the mood.

Some platforms now allow you to create a fake background so you can be enjoying Cosmo’s in the cosmos or Mojitos on the beach. Let all your participants know which background you’ve chosen so everyone can join in.

Dress Code
Hoodies & sweatpants have become the uniform of choice for many work-from-homers. A wardrobe change will help get them in the party mood. You could decide you want everyone to don their finest evening wear, fancy dress to match the party theme, or keep it to just one accessory with everyone having to sport their most stylish hat!

virtual party cocktail and snacks

Step 4 – Include a Snack

It’s a good idea to line the stomach whilst enjoying a tipple. If your cocktail kit doesn’t already include some snacks, send your guests some ideas to prepare in advance of the party. The sky is the limit here but try to keep it simple for those who may not be culinary experts.

Cheese & crackers, crisps, nuts, or olives are easy favourites. Or why not ask everyone to put together their own favourite crudites and dips? Garlic aioli or hummus are not popular in an office environment but virtually, nobody can smell your breath!

Step 5 – Enjoy Yourself

Remember, this party is all about connecting with your team. Even if you don’t manage all of the steps here, it will be a success if you can all have a laugh. Let go of the work hierarchies and just enjoy each other’s company, you deserve it.