Meet the Brand – Sintra Naturals

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This month we catch up with Geethika from Sintra Naturals. Their vegan odour neutra stick, which is a natural baking soda-free deodorant, can be found in our Luxe and GentleMan boxes.

Formulating baking soda-free deodorant has been a challenge but they have found the perfect ingredient which neutralises the odours and keeps the skin’s natural flora healthy. Zinc ricinolate is a castor oil-derived natural ingredient which is very hard to source but a rare diamond for natural odour control. It’s so good that it has been awarded silver in the green parenting beauty awards 2021.

Here is what Geethika had to tell us about the brand and what is in store for the future:

Sintra Naturals face cubes

When did you begin your business and where did the idea come from?

Sintra Naturals started in 2020 from my passion for clean and plastic-free beauty. All our products are handmade with no toxins and chemicals and we pledge to be plastic-free and zero-waste.

How has your business grown since?

We have been lucky to be blessed with good clientele and retailers who share similar passions for clean and plastic-free beauty and we are growing every day with lots of new products in the pipeline.

What does the future hold for your business?

We have a lot of exciting new products in the pipeline like our organic baby care range and bath salts.

Any other interesting facts you think our customers would like to know?

Our natural products are affordable and we believe, to sustain natural habits, they have to be pocket-friendly or else people will just go back to buying the cheap drugstore chemical products in no time. So all my products will always be pocket-friendly and plastic-free.

For more on Sintra Naturals, you can find their website here – or enjoy them as part of our range of Wellbeing items within our Health and Wellbeing boxes.