Why You Should Add Branding to Your Corporate Gift

1 min read

So you’ve decided to send a corporate gift to your clients. This may be to celebrate a milestone they’ve achieved or to entice them as a new customer. How do you make sure that gift has the right impact and helps keep that customer coming back to you?

One solution is to add branding to your gift. This is a great way of building brand awareness and can be an essential part of the sales process for your company. You do need to make sure you get the design and type of gift right though. We gave some ideas for the right types of gifts to send here and now we’ll focus on the design.

In general, branded corporate gifts should include enough information for your client or prospect to be able to find your business and its services. This means, at the very least you should include the name of your business and your logo.

You can stop there, particularly if the gift is quite small or if you’re sending it to existing customers. This will be enough to remind the recipient of your brand. If you’ve sent a gift that can be used multiple times, they’ll keep being reminded of you every time they use it. You’ll hopefully then be at the front of their mind the next time they require your services.

However, if you’re sending out gifts to a less engaged audience such as sales prospects, it’s a good idea to add a bit more information if you have the space. Details such as your website address or phone number so the prospect knows how to get in touch are the next most important additions. After this, if you still have space, consider adding your tagline, your company ethos, or some information about your services. These can all serve as a great way to let your clients know why your company is the right one for them.

Where you can, use your brand colours on any gifts that you’re sending out. Colours are a great brand identifier and can communicate the personality of your brand. For example, greens can be associated with nature and peace whereas reds can generate excitement and stimulate action.

Essentially, the design of your branded corporate gift should be simple enough that the recipient is happy to keep it around, but also provides enough information for them to be able to reach you if they need you.